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Published Date: 2013-05-26 15:33

ECI President Speech at Iqbal Commemoration Ceremony

ECI President Speech at Iqbal Commemoration Ceremony
News > Pakistan  - ECI President: Iqbal knows the Return to Origins as the Main Way for the Promotion of Ummah

"Iqbal sought to prove the return to origins as the main way for the promotion of Ummah and he would never mention anything against Qur'an, because Prophet Muhammad would never intercede him on the Day of Judgment" said ECI President at a conference held here in Tehran in commemoration of Iqbal, an eminent Pakistani poet, organized by Shahriyar International Foundation in cooperation with the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Speaking on Iqbal's thoughts, Prof. Arif referred to the fondness that Shariyar and Iqbal had for Ahlul Bait as the common attribute of the two renowned contemporary poets.
Referring to the point that Iqbal is celebrated as contemporary Rumi, ECI President said: "Iqbal studied Rumi's Mathnavi after every morning prayer; thus, Rumi`s thoughts underpinned his fervent love toward Ahlul Bait and his spiritual eminence.
He also quoted Muhammad Ali Jinnah as saying that: "Behind every movement there must be a philosopher and Iqbal was the philosopher who awakened Indian Muslims".
Regarding the studies conducted on Iqbal in Iran, he added:" I always believe that the studies which have been conducted in Iran on Iqbal go beyond other countries; some of which have been translated into Urdu. Iqbal is well-known among the luminaries in Iran, as Iran's Supreme Leader called him 'The Star of the East', the late Shariati composed a book titled "we and Iqbal" and the martyr Hujatulislam Motahhari referred to him as 'A Prominent Muslim thinker'.


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