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Published Date: 2018-07-15 10:07

Austrian Ambassador Meets ECI President

Austrian Ambassador Meets ECI President
News  - Austrian ambassador to Iran H.E. Mr. Stefan Scholz, and Director of the Iran-Austria Cultural Forum Mr. Alexander Rieger, met with Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, President of ECO Cultural Institute on Wednesday May 23rd 2018 at ECI headquarters.

According to ECI Public Relations, Dr. Mazaheri, in his speech at the meeting, described different aspects of common cultural activities in the ECO region and said: "Iran-Austria Cultural Forum could be the source of further developments in this regard.

Recalling the role of Austria in the establishment of Dar Al-Fonoun School in Iran, ECI president further added: "Today, Austria can also be at the forefront of the enhancement of important cultural activities in Iran and in the ECO region, especially in the  field of interreligious dialogue, music, performing arts, and the literature of peace and friendship."

Elsewhere at the meeting, Dr. Mazaheri also indicated different areas of public diplomacy in the ECO region, saying: "At the moment, the main objective of ECO Cultural Institute is to promote cultural commonalties.

Austrian ambassador, Mr. Stefan Schultz, also welcomed the points proposed by ECI president and stated: "Today I noticed a new image of the ECO region."

Referring to the "Green Energy" initiative, he also added: "I hope that with the cooperation of ECO Cultural Institute, we could implement the program of "Green Tourism" in ECO member states.

The Austrian Ambassador also praised the approach of public diplomacy at ECO Cultural Institute, saying: "Interreligious dialogue in the ECO region and Austria could be scheduled to take place continually to explore common points in religions."

Mr. Alexander Rieger, Deputy Head of Mission and Director of the Iran-Austria Cultural Forum, also presented a brief report on the preparations for organizing the 60th anniversary of the establishment of cultural relations between Iran and Austria and called for ECI cooperation to enhance the event.

At the end of the meeting, the Austrian diplomatic delegation visited different parts of the Institute and familiarized with the capacities of the Institute.



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