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Published Date: 2018-10-29 15:36
At the Meeting of the Caretaker of Iranian Academy of Arts Was Mentioned

Development of Mutual Ties Between ECI & Academy of Arts

Development of Mutual Ties Between ECI & Academy of Arts
News  - The head of the Iranian Academy of Arts and the ECI President met and discussed the expansion of joint cooperation.

According to the Academy of Arts Public Relations, Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, the President of the ECO Cultural Institute, met with Alireza Esma'ili, the head of the Academy of Arts, and paid a visit to the different parts of the Academy's headquarters.

While emphasizing on the existence of professional counterparts of the Academy of Arts in ECO countries, the ECI President underscored the importance of the establishment of a link between these institutions and the Academy of Arts and added: "Academy of Arts has strong potentials. Moreover, the venue of its headquarters and its proximity to the universities is an advantage that facilitates organizing quality artistic activities".

Alireza Esmaili, the head of the Academy of Arts, also stressed upon the cultural riches of Iran, underlining the expansion of relations between the countries and continued: "Hopefully, through cooperation between the Academy of Arts and the ECO Cultural Institute, we can contribute to the improvement of the country's image in the areas of arts and culture through holding exhibitions, expert panels and workshops between the Academy and other ECO countries".

"Through holding expert sessions on various art movements, the Academy of Arts endeavors to contribute to the enhancement of the field and is ready to establish interactions and hold fruitful dialogues with the ECO countries", Esma'ili added.

He further noted: "In the international section, the Academy has made substantial efforts focusing on Iran and Islam's cultural boundaries and we are willing to establish more effective links in this regard. Considering the common cultural heritage of our country with the ECO member states, there is a vast potential for cooperation between us and these member states".

At the end of the meeting, attended by a number of directors from ECI and the Academy of Arts, the two sides emphasized upon the mutual cooperation between the two institutions and expressed hope that such cooperation will soon materialize.



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