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Published Date: 2019-10-14 12:51
ECI Publishes

'Nameh-ye Norouz'

'Nameh-ye Norouz'
Publications > Book  - The book has been written by Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, ECI president, that covers interesting points on Norouz and brings some poems of the luminiaries of the Persian literatures containing their viewpoint over the ancient tradition of Norouz and its different aspects to the enthusiasts of culture and literature.

Beginning with an introduction and foreword, the book continues with subjects as Norouz studies, reflection of Norouz in intellectual schools, Norouz in different literary genres and Norouz in the works of poets.
'Nameh-ye Norouz' has been edited by Ms. Zahra Aslani and published in 126 pages by ECO Cultural Institute.

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