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Published Date: 2020-02-09 10:23

Russia Publishes the Book 'Abai's Selected Works'

Russia Publishes the Book 'Abai's Selected Works'
News > Kazakhstan  - A collection of works of Abai Kunanbayev, the great Kazakh poet and theorician, titled 'Abai's Selected Works' will be launched on the occasion of his 175th birth anniversary.

According to ECI public relations quoting Kazakhstan's Khabar 24, Tahir Mansurov, head of center for the Development of Eurasia Exchanges, announced the news of the launching of this book in Russia and stated: "Preparing this book took around 6 months and the best translations were analyzed during this time". According to him, the book contains articles from the book 'Lives of the Great Ones' written about Abai and others along with pieces written on Abai by other poets and authors. Moreover, the book contains rare photos of Abai.
The first book of Tahir Mansurov was published in 1992. At that time, the book was a small collection yet printed in 100 volumes; but the new edition, published around 30 years later after the first one, is an exquisite work enjoying decorative design and this indicates the very important fact that Kazakhstan has tread a very praiseworthy path after independence (collapse of the ex-Soviet Union).

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