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Published Date: 2020-07-12 10:58

Rustam Sagdiev's Makes 'Baron 2'

Rustam Sagdiev's Makes 'Baron 2'
News > Uzbekistan  - Well-known Uzbek director Rustam Sagdiev has said he will make the second part of 'Baron' by the end of the year.

According to the ECI public relations quoting, the director has mentioned that the production of the second part of the movie 'Baron 2' as one of the major measures taken by the new president of Uzbekkino and further emphasized that and MoU has been signed in this regard with the Russian partners. According to the film director, the movie will pave the ground for their entry to cinema market.
It is worth mentioning that the first part of the movie 'Baron' was made by Inferno Center in Russia and featured Uzbek, Russian and Kazakh artists, as well as actors from Belarus, Turkey, Egypt and Syria. The first part of the movie was dedicated to the fight against drug trafficking, and the main roles were played by Jawaher Zakirov, Ulugbek Kadyrov, Bihzod Hamrayev, Delnaze Kobayova, Andrei Semlyakov, Pavel Prilocheny and Viktor Verzhbitsky.

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