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Published Date: 2020-07-30 11:15

'Steppe Man' (Çölçü) Latest Int'l Awards

'Steppe Man' (Çölçü) Latest Int'l Awards
News > Azerbaijan  - Directed by Azerbaijani director Shamil Aliyev, the movie 'Steppe Man' (Çölçü), won top six awards from the United Kingdom, Singapore and India.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute quoting, due to corona virus pandemic, juries of the festivals announced the poll online.
The film 'Steppe Man' (Çölçü) was made in 2012 at the instruction of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan in "Azerbaijan Film" studio named after Jafar Jabarli and has so far won 55 awards from 90 international film festivals.
The film depicts the story of an inhabitant of Sabzdasht (steppe) who lives far from the city and has a deep connection with the nature. His father introduces him to the decency of life in the steppe. After the demise of the father, the young man meets a girl and the incident opens a new page in his life.

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