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Published Date: 2020-09-17 11:28
Sarvar Bakhti at the Virtual Inaugural of Iranian Gilding Exhibition

'The Art of Gilding Will Shine Forever'

'The Art of Gilding Will Shine Forever'
News  - At the virtual opening of the online exhibition of Iranian Gilding held on Saturday, September 12, 2020 and hosted by the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with the ECO Cultural Institute, Sarvar Bakhti, the ECI President, underscored: "I am sure that these activities will keep the art of gilding alive".

According to ECO Cultural Institute, at the beginning of this virtual event, Sarvar Bakhti, the president of this international organization, said: "The art of gilding is one of the subtle yet principal types of arts. Today, in many countries of the region, this art is facing ups and downs but the hard-working artists of the region are trying their best to keep it alive."
Having elaborated upon the nature and significance of this type of art, Bakhti continued his remarks saying: "ECO Cultural Institute in collaboration with Iranian National Commission to UNESCO is mounting the first virtual exhibition of this art, showcasing 27 exquisite artworks. I hope that this sets a new path for launching a new series of measures to promote other types of arts. I would like to express my gratitude to the esteemed masters of the art and Iranian National Commission to UNESCO, particularly its Secretary General, for their support and assistance aimed towards keeping the art alive. So far, we have organized several other substantial programs in collaboration with UNESCO and today, with the outbreak of Corona virus unfortunately prohibiting physical gatherings, we are organizing our programs in the cyberspace; one of which is the series of virtual exhibitions."
Next speakers of the opening were Hojatollah Ayoubi, Secretary General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, and Mohammad Nabati, Master gilder and painter, who talked about Tajikistan and the Nowruz region, as well as the importance of the art of gilding.

Those interested may visit the virtual exhibition at


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