ECI President's CV

Personal Information

Name: Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri

Date of Birth: 1960

Place of Birth: ISFAHAN-IRAN



  Academic Qualifications

-         M.A., Management, University of Tehran;

-         Ph.D., Strategic Management, Academy of Sciences, Russia;

-         Honorary Post-PhD, Management and Organizational Development, AIT University.


Titles Awarded

-         Outstanding Cultural Figure of the country (2013);

-         The Memorable Scientific Figure (2007);

-         The Memorable Figure of the Management & Entrepreneurship of the Country (2018):


Most Important Scholarly & Executive Activities

-         2018: Member, Steering Council of Management Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

-         2018: Member, Board of Trustees, Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation;

-         2016: President, ECO Cultural Institute;

-         2016: Member, Board of Trustees, IRIB;

-         2014: Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs of I.R. Iran;

-         2014: Member, Board of Trustees, Iranology Foundation;

-         2014: Member, Board of Trustees, Research Institute for Culture, Arts & Relations;

-         2013: Representative of the Minister of Science, Research & Technology and Member of Board of Trustees, Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani University;

-         2013: Member, Board of Trustees, University of Applied Sciences and Technology, Arts & Culture Branch;

-         2013- 2017: Senior Advisor, Minister of Culture of I.R. Iran;

-         2013-2017: President & Board Member, Association of Outstanding Iranian Cultural Figures and Works;

-         2013- 2017: Member, Board of Trustees, International University of Islamic Religions;

-         2013-2017: Member, Supreme Council of Research & Technology (ATF), Ministry of Science, Research and Technology;

-         2011-2014- Vice Chairman, Supreme Council of Research, Expediency Council;

-         2010-2013: President, Isfahan Science and Research University;

-         2009-2013 - Head of Strategic Management Department, Expediency Council;

-         2006-2009: Senior Advisor, Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism;

-         2003: Visiting professor, AIT University, Qatar University and Baku State University;

-         1999: Member, Islamic System of Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO);

-         1997-2005 -  Member, Council of Public Culture of Country;

-         1995-2005 - Member, Consulting Commission and Higher Education Committee, the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution;

-         1995: Faculty Member, Tehran Science and Research University;



Most Important Research Activities


-         "Economic Cooperation Organization & Cultural Security of the Member States, ECO Publications, 2018;

-         "Futures Studies of Religion & Novel Communication Tools", Research Institute for Culture, Arts & Relations, Tehran, 2016;

-         "Political Geography of Europe", Scientific Publications Center, Islamic Azad University, 2015;

-         "Cultural Intelligence: Theory, Measurement & Applications" (Vol. I & II), Islamic Azad University, 2015;

-         "Philosophical Novels, Criticism & Analysis", Pouyesh Andisheh Publications, Isfahan, 2013;

-         "An Introduction on Security Studies", Islamic Azad University, 2012;

-         "The Economy of Culture", Risman Publications, Tehran, 2012;

-         "Planning in Higher Education", Risman Publications, Tehran, 2012;

-         "Engineering Organizational Culture", Scientific Publications Center, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, 2011;

-         "Culture and Community", Scientific Publications Center, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, 2006;

-         "The Crisis of Spirituality in West", Scientific Publications Center, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, 2004;

-         "An Introduction to Iran's Political Sociology", Scientific Publications Center, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, 2003;


Publications & Articles

-         Published more than 310 analytics in newspapers

-         Authored more than 58 scholarly papers in scholarly quarterly journals such as:

-         "Maritime Silk Road and Its Role in the Cultural-Civilizational Dialogue of the Inhabitants of the Persian Gulf" (Intercultural Studies Quarterly, 2015, 11(24), 135-164).

-         "Optimization Model of Economic Management in Iran's Higher Education System" (ISSN No. 2229-712x, 2014, online journal of;

-         "Challenges of Government-Nation Making and Benefits in the I.R. Iran" (Foreign Diplomacy, Autumn 2013, 27 (3), 701-722);

-         "Government, Identity and Foreign Policy in Current Iran" (Strategic Studies in Politics, Winter 2013, 2 (7), 125-146);

-         "The Role of Educational Technology in Lifelong Learning" (Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 28, 2011, pages 842-844);

-         "Gender Identity of the Iranian Women after the Islamic Revolution and Its Impact on Iranian National Identity" (Journal of American Science, 2011, 7(11), 366-378);

-         Managing Editor & Member of Editorial Board, "Intercultural Studies", scholarly journal, Islamic Azad University;

-         Member of Editorial Board, "Researches on Strategic Management", scholarly journal, Islamic Azad University;

-         Member of Editorial Board, "Psychology" scholarly journal, University of Tehran;

-         Member of Editorial Board, "Industry & University" quarterly journal, Amir Kabir University;


Most Important Scholarly Activities in National/ Int'l Conference

Presented papers as scholar lecturer/VIP Guest at 29 Int'l Conferences such as:

-         The 15th Rhodes Forum on Dialogue of Civilizations, October 6-7, 2017, Rhodes, Greece;

-         The 10th Round of Interfaith Dialogue & Fraternal Encounter in Vatican, the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, November 23-25 2016;

-         The 18th Int'l Conference on "Identity, Culture and Communication", Paris, France, June 26-27, 2014;

-         Member of advisory board and technical committee; 2nd International conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences, Chennai, India, 11-13 July 2014;

-         Chairman and Member of technical committee, 3rd International Conference on Information Communication and Management, Paris, France, Oct. 2013;

-         Member, Supreme Council of Policy-Making, 15th International Festival of University Theater of Iran, 2012;

-         Chairman, International Conference on Iran's Public Relations, 2012-2014;

-         Chairman, 1st International Conference of Responsible Citizen, Isfahan, Iran, 2011;

-         Member, Supreme Council of Policy-Making, National Festival of University Journals, 2004-2010;

-         Member, Supreme Scientific & Policy-Making Council, Sheikh Bahauddin Ameli International Conference, 2008;

-         Chairman; the 1st International Conference of Evolution of Human Resources Management, 2008;

-         Chairman, 10th International Congress of Eurasian Surgeons, Isfahan, 2007;


Thesis & Dissertations

-         Supervised 94 M.A. and PhD dissertations and thesis.





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