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ECI President Meets the Ambassador of Tajikistan in Iran
2016-11-01 19:11 |  News

President of ECO Cultural Institute, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, met Nematullo Emomzoda, Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan in Iran, on Monday 23 October 2016.

In the meeting, while outlining the goals and future programs of ECO Cultural Institute, Dr. Mazaheri stressed the need for all Member States to participate in the activities of ECO Cultural Institute and said: "The perspectives of ECI is regional and international and we hope to witness again, in near future, the accession of other countries in the region to ECO Cultural Institute."

Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan who has currently taken over the rotating chairmanship of the Council of Permanent Representatives (CPR) of ECO Cultural Institute congratulated Dr. Mazaheri on his new assignment as the ECI president and welcomed his guidelines and announced his country's readiness for any constructive cooperation.

In his remarks, he also regarded the ECI activities to introduce the rich art and cultural heritage of the Republic of Tajikistan praiseworthy and asserted that all the potentials will be utilized to encourage other countries in the region to promote interaction with ECI.

Elsewhere in the meeting, Dr. Mazaheri viewed the cultural and historical commonalties among the three Persian-speaking countries as an opportunity which should be exploited to enhance the cooperation among them.

Holding the 4th meeting of the Heads of ECO National Libraries in Tajikistan and Tajikistan's Cultural Week in Iran were other issues addressed and discussed in the meeting.




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