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Activities of ECO Cultural Institute Honored
2018-02-07 11:02 |  News

The activities and management of ECO Cultural Institute were honored in the ECO Regional Planning Council (ECO-RPC)

According to ECI, in the 28th meeting of the Regional Planning Council (RPC) held in Pakistan on December 11-14, 2017, ECO Cultural Institute was appreciated for its effective management in implementing a wide spectrum of activities in the past year.

At the meeting, ECO Cultural Institute was appreciated for safeguarding the common literary heritage of the region and the countries in the region were called upon to support the initiatives of the Institute to promote the cultural heritage of the ECO region.

Also at the meeting, Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, president of ECO Cultural Institute, was honored for his efforts in promoting the activities and capacities of the Institute.

The ECO Regional Planning Council is held annually in one of the ECO countries to review and approve the plans and programs to be implemented by regional institutions, as well as bodies affiliated to the organization for the coming year.



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