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ECO and Cultural Security of Member States Released
2018-05-23 09:29 |  Publications > Book

The book ECO and Cultural Security of Member States is a valuable work by Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, President of ECO Cultural Institute, which is composed of six chapters to define ways to strengthen the cultural security of ECO member countries through cooperation and friendship.

The book is an attempt to adopt a futuristic approach to develop a scenario of promising future for ECO cultural security in the next 25 years.

The forthcoming book also seeks to contribute security policymakers and administrators in ECO member countries to adopt policies and implement strategies through analyzing the concept of cultural security, presenting the security perspective of ECO member countries, drawing an outline for providing the cultural security of ECO member countries, and illustrating the unique role of ECO Organization and ECO Cultural Institute in the preservation and enhancement of cultural security of the countries in the ECO region

The book contains 216 pages and is published by ECO Cultural Institute publication.

To order the book, contact Ms. Aslani, in charge of the specialized library of ECO Cultural Institute at +98-21- 27673246 


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