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ECI/Book House Collaborations to Expand
2018-09-23 10:32 |  News

On Wednesday September 5, 2018, ECI signed a MoU with Iran Book House, emphasizing on the expansion of collaborations.

According to ECI Public Relations, at the ceremony, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, the ECI President, emphasized on the designation of the year 2018 as the year of book and book reading in the ECO region and highlighted: "Publication of books is one of the most important components of public diplomacy and also one of the fundamental objectives of ECO Cultural Institute".

Pointing to the vast scope of potentials of the ECO member states in holding cultural discourse with global unions, he further continued that the Book House can employ such unique potentials to strengthen the cultural relations of Iran and the countries of the ECO region.

At the conclusion, the ECI President announced readiness of this international organization to expand its joint endeavors with Iran Book House in the areas of publication of books, promotion of the culture of book reading, libraries and librarianship.

Hosseinpour, director of Iran Book House, also expressed his gratitude for the special attention being paid by Dr. Mazaheri to the field of book and book reading and underlined: "ECI's strategies during the incumbent tenure has provided matchless prospects for the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of public diplomacy."

While enumerating part of Iran Book House's various and novel programs in the international arena, he expressed hope that the MoU signed with ECI opens fresh avenues for the expansion of international cooperation for Iran Book House.

Hosseinpour concluded his remarks expressing Iran Book House's readiness for the expansion of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with ECI.





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