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The 29th ECI-CPR Meeting Held
2018-10-03 11:24 |  News

Attended by the ECI President, the 29th session of ECI-CPR meeting was held on October 1, 2018.

According to ECI Public Relations, the permanent representatives of the Member States, while expressing their gratitude to Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri and his team in ECI, reiterated that despite the scarcity of financial resources, worthwhile measures have been taken by ECI and great jobs done.

At this meeting, ECI's budget for the year 2019 was also discussed and the importance of all-out cooperation of the member states with ECI for realizing its aims and objectives emphasized.

Another point deliberated upon at the meeting, was the time and date of the upcoming ECI Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting, comprised of the Ministers of Culture of the Member States and high level officials of the same ministries, shall be hosted by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The ECO Cultural Institute's Council of Permanent Representatives (ECI-CPR) is composed of the ambassadors and representatives of the ECI member states which, through organizing regular meetings, reviews and adopts the cultural activities of this international institution.



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