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The 1st ECO Teaser Unveiled
2018-10-03 11:34 |  News

The first bilingual (Persian-English) teaser of ECO Cultural Institute was screened on October 1, 2018 at the sidelines of the meeting of the ambassadors of the member states of this international institution.

According to ECI Public Relations, the 150-seconds-long teaser provides a glance of the historical monuments, tourist attractions, ethnic customs and rituals as well as fields of music and poetry, food, luminaries, sports, religion and the lifestyle of the ten member states.

Utilizing the medium of art to present a coherent image of the cultural commonalities of the member states, the teaser aims to highlight the commonalities of the member states in order to decrease differences using the motto 'dissimilarity doesn't mean difference'. It should be noted that this is the first teaser of the ECO Cultural Institute in the past 25 years and was prepared under the direct patronage of the President of this international institution.

Those interested may view and download the teaser from the below link and display.




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Source: موسسه فرهنگی اکو
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