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Launching Ceremony of the Book "Nafahat-e Nafas"
2019-02-12 12:34 |  News

The launching of the book "Nafahat-e Nafas", the Persian translation of the book "Breath of Proximity", translated by Javad Taheri, was held on Sunday January 27, 2019, featuring the presences of a group of ambassadors of different countries and university professors.

During the event held at ECO Diplomatic Conference Hall, by Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, President of ECO Cultural Institute; Professor Lenart Škof, author of the book and Hamidreza Ayatollahi, Head of the Iranian Association for philosophy of Religion, delivered speeches on the subject.

Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, ECI President, emphasized the role and importance of philosophy in human's life and stated: "Philosophy seeks to understand the world so that through the faculty of thought and reasoning in the most fundamental affairs of the man and the world, it could lead human beings towards more clear horizons. Philosophy particularly aims to relate different fields of knowledge in order to merge them into a single unit. In its capacity as a rational knowledge, Philosophy has provided various ways for discussing moral issues."

The next speaker of the event was Professor Lenart Škof, author of the book who briefly pointed out to the purpose of writing this book and content, followed by a lecture by Hamid Reza Ayatollahi, Head of the Iranian Association for philosophy of Religion.

Concluding the ceremony, the participants exchanged views on philosophical principles of Slovenia and Iran.






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