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'Persian Gulf for Persian Gulf Nations' Conference
2019-02-12 16:18 |  News

Hosted by the Iranology Foundation and held in cooperation with the ECO Cultural Institute, the National Conference 'Persian Gulf for the Persian Gulf Nations' was held in Tehran in December 2012.

At the conference, inaugurated with the speeches delivered by the head of the Iranology Foundation and the President of the ECO Cultural Institute, the historical, cultural, political, legal, economic and tourism aspects of the subject were deliberated upon while underscoring the need for the Gulf nations to utilize the geopolitical location of the region.

Key lectures of the conference covered issues such as Iran's historical rule over the three islands and the necessity of expanding public diplomacy, the three islands and international politics in the Persian Gulf, security in the Persian Gulf region, geopolitics of the Persian Gulf and the challenges caused and so on.

The selected papers submitted to the conference will be published in the 'Persian Gulf Studies' Quarterly and the 'Persian Gulf's Book of the Year'.




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