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Qawwali Music Performance
2019-02-12 16:24 |  News

Also, ECI hosted a Qawwali Music performance by the world renowned Pakistani music ensemble 'Farid Ayaz Abu Mohammad' at the ECO Diplomatic Conference Hall in December 2018.

The event was warmly received by the audience and was attended by the Pakistani ambassador to Iran, ECI President, ECO Secretary General and other diplomats residing in Tehran including ambassadors of Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands and others. The inaugural of the event included speeches on Qawwali music which were delivered by the ECI President and the Pakistani ambassador to Iran.

Qawwali is a type of mystical musical tradition on the themes of love, wisdom, praising the Lord God and selflessness, bringing the audience closer to their inner truth. This type of music, which is common both across the Indian subcontinent and the ECO region, dates back to more than 700 years. The languages used in Qawwali poems are usually Urdu, Punjabi, and Persian.




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