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'Sound of Peace with Touran Mirhadi'
2019-02-12 16:37 |  News

November 2018 'Sound of Peace' was held at the ECO Diplomatic Conference Hall to venerate Touran Mirhadi, the founder of both the Iranian Children's Book Council and the new education system.

Present at the event were intellectuals, artists as well as culture and literature enthusiasts. Delivering speeches on Touran Mirhadi's life and works, screening of a relative video clip, staging 'Sindokht' theater play in two languages and music performance and a signing ceremony were other parts of the program.

'Sound of Peace' is a series of programs organized by the Ambassadors for Peace and Friendship Group in cooperation with the ECO Cultural Institute and the United Nations Office in Tehran. The series of meetings, organized on a monthly basis, tend to contribute to the better recognition of the renowned arts, culture, sports and literary figures across the ECO region, thus leading to the consolidation of international relations.




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