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World Children Day
2019-10-14 13:24 |  Publications > Book

On the occasion of World Children Day, the ECO Cultural Institute, in collaboration with the Iranian Fashion and Textile Design Association, organized a live fashion competition and a specialized meeting in the field of children.

According ECI public relations, in the competition section, a number of 50 textile and fashion designers were present. The competition theme was free and at this stage, only the entries were reviewed and selected for the next practical stage where a complete process of design to implementation will be carried out by the designers.
In the specialized section, outstanding figures of academia and as well as children's' apparel industry leaders participated.
The first speaker of this section was Mr. Sombat Hacoupian, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Fashion and Textile Design Association, who spoke about the International Children's Day and the importance of caring about children as well as clothing design.
He also thanked the ECO Cultural Institute for cooperation, pointing out that this is the second joint program organized with this international institution and promised that with the MoU to be concluded with ECI in the near future, many programs will be organized to provide a suitable atmosphere for the emergence of talents and presentations of works of designers especially in the international arena, and particularly the ECO countries.
The next speaker of this session were Mr. Jazayeri on the subject of art and children and Dr. Akhyani on the psychology of children. The program included with a light and shadow puppet theater performance by Mahi Group on the mythical story of Simin and Farzan.

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