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'Farewell' Music Concert
2019-10-14 14:11 |  News

Attended by Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mazaheri, the ECI president, the Concert "Farewell" was held in October 2019 in the main hall of the Tehran Milad Tower's Conference Center.

At the concert held for the first time in the month of Muharram with the cooperation of this international organization, featured pieces from the famous religious poet of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) Oman Sassani, vocalized by Hesamuddin Seraj and accompanied by a choir.
The event featured a narration by Vahid Jalilvand while Mahdi Rahimian was the orchestra maestro.
The concert was the first cooperation of ECO Cultural Institute and Milad Tower while establishment of the 1st Diplomats Cinema and organization of joint music performances by the vocalists of the ECO member states are being planned.

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Source: موسسه فرهنگی اکو
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