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Meeting with the Active Publishers of the ECO Region
2020-01-09 16:53 |  News

On Monday January 20, 2019, the 1st of the series of meetings with the active publishers of the ECO region will be held at ECO Diplomatic Library.

According to ECI public relations, at the first session, to be participated by diplomatic officials, researchers and cultural figures, Mr. Hassan Gharibi, head of the International Affairs Department of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature; Mr. Shahram Soltani Lorgani, Managing Editor of Arvan Publications and Ms. Elham Fallah, author and literary critic, will brief the audience on Arvan Publications' books.

Since inception in 1998, Arvan Publications has been publishing books of renowned authors of the ECO region written in Persian language.

During these series of events, ECO Cultural Institute intends to provide proper ground for the development of the art of translation and publication of books, creation of an atmosphere of exchange of ideas among the publishers and link ECI with other international publishers.

Those interested to attend the event may send details of their name and family through an SMS to 1000088203526 or contact the phone number 27673200.


Venue: ECO Diplomatic Library

Address: No. 10, Bagher al-Nemer Street, Movahed Danesh Ave., Tehran, Iran






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