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Tajikistan NL Director Emphasizes on Strengthening Cooperation with Ukraine Library
2020-01-21 14:37 |  News > Tajikistan

In his meeting with H.E. Vasyl Servatiuk, the ambassador of Ukraine to Tajikistan, Abdulsalam Miralizoda, the director of Tajikistan National Library, emphasized on fostering relations between Tajikistan National Library and the Ukraine National Library and expressed that Tajikistan is ready to cooperate in this regard, Khovar News agency reported.

While visiting the archives and the catalogue of resources of Tajikistan NL, the Ukrainian Ambassador called for fostering cooperation in the areas of staff training, book exchange and translation of the works of the luminaries of the two countries in Tajiki and Ukrainian languages.
Moreover, the two sides agreed upon establishing a specific section in each of the libraries for the public audience to get more acquainted with these countries.

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