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1st Meeting with Active Publishers of ECO Region
2020-01-22 11:56 |  News

The 1st of the series of meetings with Active Publishers of ECO Region was held on January 20, 2020 at the ECO Diplomatic Library covering the activities of Arvan publications.

According to ECI public relations, present at the event were publishers and a group of cultural and academic figures.
While opening the session, Sarvar Bakhti, called books as 'glorious phenomenon' and the element on which the humanity's growth and prosperity depends. "In the past, the most knowledgeable among the people were appointed as secretaries and librarians and fortunately, the same course of action is taken in our society today", he added.
Continuing his remarks, Bakhti said that the Institute intends to hold similar sessions on monthly basis and present the accomplishments of those publishers who have done great, lasting jobs in the fields of arts, culture, social issues, sports and so on in the ECO countries.
The next speakers of the event were Shahram Soltani Lorgani, the director-in-charge of Arvan publications followed by Hassan Gharibi, head of international relations department of the Academy of Persian Language and literature and Elham Fallah, author and literary critic.

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