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Online Database of Iran's Archeology to be Launched
2020-02-18 09:58 |  News > Iran

An online map and database of Iran's archeology will be launched next year.

Speaking at the press conference of the 17th annual symposium on the Iranian Archeology held at the Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT), Dr. Behrooz Omrani, the head of RICHT, said: 'Through the agreement made with University of Tehran, the online database and archeological map of Iran will be launched by September 2020.'
Pointing to the fact that archeological sites would be indicated on this map, Omrani continued his remarks saying that the data to be included here has been gathered over 40 years of research.
'The content of this map is web-based, therefore, it enables data processing and analysis. Moreover, due to their geographical locations, many archeological sites are inaccessible today. Therefore, the database provides access to those interested to visit the sites. Besides, these maps will be updated after each excavation', he added.
The 17th annual symposium on the Iranian Archeology will be held on February 18-19, 2020 at Iran National Museum.

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