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New Poems of Ahmad Danesh Discovered
2020-02-24 10:34 |  News > Tajikistan

Fresh poems of Ahmad Danesh, the 19th century poet and intellectual of Tajikistan was discovered.

According to ECI public relations quoting Khovar news agency, Feyz Khajeh Mahmoodov, the researcher of the manuscripts section of Alisher Navai Library in Uzbekistan, announced such discovery during an article written in 'Ovoz-e Samarkand' newspaper.
The poems have been recovered during cataloging procedure of the manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Comprising of 60 pages, the poems have been written during October 1880 by the cappligrapher Abdulhafiz in Nastaliq manuscript on Khokandi paper and include ghazal, qasideh, prayers and ... of Ahmad Danesh on poems by Hafiz, Bidel, Emlai Bokharai, Jami and Naser Khosrow.
It is worth mentioning that Ahmad Danesh (1827-1897) is the great Tajik intellectual and scientist who lived during the reign of Monqitian dynasty in Bukhara and one of his most renowned works is called 'Navader al-Vaqayeh'.

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