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ECI President Meets Pakistan Ambassador to Tehran
2020-02-27 17:03 |  News > Pakistan

The ECI president met with H.E. Pakistan Ambassador in Tehran.

According to ECI public relations, Sarvar Bakhti, the ECI president, met with H.E. Mr. Rahim Hayat Qureshi, Pakistan's ambassador to Tehran, on Thursday February 27, 2020.

At the friendly meeting held at ECI headquarters, the two sides emphasised on the expansion of cooperation between ECI and Pakistan embassy as well as the cultural organisations of this country.

Sarvar Bakhti, the ECI president, called Pakistan one of the important countries of the region and a member state of ECO with vast potentials and a rich cultural background. He further announced ECI's readiness for the promotion of the country's rich arts and culture.

H.E. Rahim Hayat Qureshi, Pakistan Ambassador to Tehran, expressed hope that significant programs will be organised with the collaboration of Pakistan embassy and ECI in the near future .



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Source: موسسه فرهنگی اکو
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