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Joint Screenplay of the Ten ECO Countries Unveiled
2020-05-21 14:08 |  News

On Monday May 30, 2020, Mr. Sarvar Bakhti, the ECI president, unveiled the joint screenplay of the ten ECO countries at ECI headquarters.

According to ECI public relations, at the sidelines of the unveiling of 'Aydeniz' screenplay, as the joint project of the ten ECO countries, Ms. Atefeh Talghani, the scriptwriter, appreciated the attention being paid by the ECI president in this regard and expressed hope that during his tenure, the first joint movie of the ten ECO member countries will be produced and publicly screened.
While expressing gratitude for the efforts made by the scriptwriter for developing 'Aydeniz', Mr. Sarvar Bakhti underscored ECI's responsibility in supporting joint productions in the areas of arts and culture among the then ECO member countries and added: "Promoting cooperation to conduct joint artistic projects in the fields of cinema, music and theater so as to foster cultural commonalities among the ECO countries are among the most important plans of ECI during the fresh chapter of its activities".
It is worth mentioning that 'Aydeniz' screenplay has been written by Ms. Atefeh Talghani and will be directed by the scriptwriter herself. Moreover, the production of the movie will soon commence with the support of ECO Cultural Institute.

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