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Kazkh Film' Movies on YouTube'
2020-05-26 15:27 |  News > Kazakhstan

Kazakh Film cinema studio has uploaded several movies on the Studio's YouTube Channel on occasion of the 175th birth anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev, the great Kazakh poet.

According to ECI public relations quoting news agency, presently movies such as 'Abay, life and works' (directed by T. Arganchiev, 1983); 'Abay's Voice' (produced based on Mukhtar Auėzov's novel and directed by Efim Aran and Gregory Rachal, 1945,) and 'Abay' (directed by Ardak Amirkolov, 1995), are available online.
Moreover, the movie 'Kunanbay' (directed by Daskhan Zhalzhaksinov, 2016), which has won several artistic awards, have also been uploaded in this section.

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Source: موسسه فرهنگی اکو
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