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Joint Cinema Productions in ECO Region to Increase
2020-07-01 12:46 |  News

On Monday June 29, 2020, Sarvar Bakhti, the ECI president, met with Alireza Tabesh, director of Farabi Cinema Foundation, at the headquarters of this international organization.

According to ECI public relations, at the meeting Sarvar Bakhti emphasized on the continuation of the previous productive cooperation between the two organizations and expressed hope that the mutual collaborations resumes through fresh channels.
At the meeting, the director of Farabi Cinema Foundation welcomed the idea of ECI president on defining 'fresh channels for cooperation'. He then pointed out to the corona virus pandemic and said: "The internet helps cultural activities survive and some programs such as expert panels, workshops and even festivals may be planned and organized online".
Further, the two sides agreed upon signing an MoU so that different activities such as producing film on the luminaries of ECO region, organizing virtual workshops, holing ECO Film Festival, etc. could be carried out in this framework.

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Source: موسسه فرهنگی اکو
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