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'Art of Illumination' Online Training Program
2020-08-27 10:16 |  News

ECO Cultural Institute is going to launch a series of online training workshops of the art of Illumination as one of the common arts of the ECO region.

According to the ECO Cultural Institute, the history of the art of illumination dates back to the Sassanid era. After the arrival of Islam in this region, this art became to serve the Islamic governments and was then included in the Islamic arts. During the Seljuks rule, Qur'an and other religious books were decorated with illumination by artists with religious orientations. However, the zenith of the flourishment of the art goes back to the Timurid era. During this period, by the order of the central government, the illumination artists began doing illumination and gilding in the royal libraries and decorated copies of Qur'an as well as books of science, literature, and so on.
In general, the art of illumination includes a set of astonishingly beautiful patterns that painters and religious people used to decorate books, particularly Qur'an.
In order to promote this sacred art of the ECO region, the ECO Cultural Institute has organized free, online training workshops of illumination.
Starting on September 2, 2020, those interested may watch workshop videos every Wednesday at 07:00 PM Tehran time on the Instagram page of the ECO Cultural Institute (@ecieco_org).

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